Tuesday, August 11, 2015

American Artist Appreciation Month

I did not realize that August was American Artist Appreciation month until I learned from the folks at Patience Brewster (where they make these beautiful handcrafted gifts and ornaments) encouraging me to post about American Artists (past or present) that inspire my work.

There are so many that inspire me that it's hard to name just one.  But I'll start with Karin Jurick, a current artist whose work I admire.
"Retirement Benefits" by Karin Jurick
 I love the vibrant colors she uses and her wide variety of subject matter.  It was her practice of painting small and often that inspired me to post paintings on  Daily Paintworks and to start a blog. She is a prolific painter and I love getting a message in my e-mail when she's posted a new painting on her blog A Painting Today.  They always inspire me to paint.

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